Language Version


Dear Mateo,
Thanks for this tool. It has been useful for me for months.
I recently found a small issue:
Visual Studio 2005 has the following C# Language Versions:
ISO-1 (C# 1.0)
Default (C# 2.0)
Visual Studio 2008 has the following:
ISO-1 (C# 1.0)
ISO-2 (C# 2.0)
Default (C# 3.0)
Then, when you specify "ISO-2" in the Visual Studio 2008 project, after converting there will be an error in VS 2005 project because there is not such option. It shall be converted to "Default".
Also, your tool can recommend to use "ISO-2" in the Visual Studio 2008, in order to prevent to use C# 3.0 syntax and therefore having a buggy migration.
Best regards,